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Summertime rolls...
Last weekend I really felt summer had arrived in Sonoma County. My wife Jen and I spent Saturday at Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville watching the Goo Goo Dolls, then Sunday we were at the Railroad Square Music Festival -- we are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place.

  My oldest daughter, Gwen, started her first real summer job as a camp counselor for Santa Rosa Parks and Rec, and my youngest daughter, Morgan was off with her 8th grade class on their East Coast trip to see the places they’ve learned about all year in U.S. history. It’s amazing to see them change from little girls to young women before my eyes, and it reminds me that all of life is change.

​Time for a change
I recently helped a young family through a change...a change for the better. They owned a great bungalow in Santa Rosa. It was their first home and they loved everything about it. They spent several years completing projects to make the home perfect--they had the hardwood floors resurfaced, painted inside and out, put in landscaping and really made the house into a home. Then along came their first daughter, and when she entered school, they knew their one-bath bungalow they loved so much would not work for them much longer.

  At first, they considered remodeling and even went so far as to get an architect to draw up plans but they realized how disruptive, and expensive the remodel would be so they began to consider buying a new, larger home to better fit their changing lifestyle.

  “How can we buy a home without selling our home first?” “What if we sell our home and can’t find another home and end up homeless?” “Should we sell, then rent, then buy? But then we need to move twice.?” “How do people do this anyway?”

  When we sat down at our meeting, I explained to them how we can create a plan to get the most for their home when they sell, put them in a strong buying position to find the right home, and protect them so there is never any danger of needing to move twice. There are a lot of moving pieces in a transaction like this...but careful planning can make the process smooth. They sold their home, bought their new home and close the transactions simultaneously. “I am blown away at the level of service provided by Berghof Realty. Our experience has been head and shoulders above past realtors.”

  I love it when a plan comes together. If you know anyone who is trying to figure out how to buy and sell a home simultaneously, please send them our way and we’ll take great care of them.

Your Personalized Market Update
Are you curious to know what homes are selling for in your neighborhood? Well, look no further...I’m offering a new service to provide a Quick CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) so you can see for yourself what homes are selling for in your neighborhood. Just type in your address and I’ll email you a PDF of all the sold homes with photos, prices, what Zilow thought they would sell for (spoiler alert, usually not correct) and all the details. Go ahead, indulge your inner realtor….

May I ask for a favor?
Since we moved into our new office in Bennett Valley, Google lost almost all our reviews. As you know, one of the main ways for new clients to discover us is through reviews from clients like you.

I would really appreciate it, if you would please take 2 minutes now to click here and leave a review on Google and Facebook. To sweeten the pot, I’m doing a giveaway for $100 gift certificate to my new favorite restaurant, Salt & Stone in Kenwood which just happens to be owned by my very dear clients, Dave and Diane. You’ll get one opportunity for every review you leave. So if you review us on both Google and Facebook, you get 2 entries. If you have four people in your family and all of you leave a review, you would get 8 entries. The winner will be selected on July 3rd and announced next month. Good luck and thank you so much for your support.

Keep smiling!