Ernest Berghof | Broker/CEO

Ernest has a passion for negotiating the very best deal for his clients.  When you have found the perfect home, Ernest will use his knowledge, experience, and powerful negotiation skills to get you the best deal possible.  "I'm just one of those people who loves to negotiate.  It's fun for me!"  There are several opportunities for negotiation throughout every real estate transaction, and Ernest will be right there, negotiating hard on your behalf all the way through to Closing Day. 

Eric Taggesell | Loan Executive at Summitt Funding

Eric is an expert at helping our clients navigate through the sometimes-difficult mortgage loan process. "It is my goal to help you cut through the clutter and noise in the mortgage marketplace, so you can quickly and efficiently find a loan that meets your objectives and fits your lifestyle."  Eric is always looking out for the best interest of our clients by keeping them (and us) informed throughout every step of the lending process.


Irene Jiminez | Transaction Manager

If you have ever been involved in a real estate transaction before, then you’re familiar with the fact there is a ton of paperwork.  Irene is responsible for keeping track of all the paperwork necessary for each and every transaction to close smoothly.  As soon as we get into escrow on your new home, Irene will send you a detailed timeline of events and will make sure everyone involved stays on track. She has a system for categorizing and explaining all of the documents, making them much more manageable for you. "It is important to me that our clients have a good understanding of what they’re signing and why.  Buying a house is a scary thing, and it can sometimes feel like you are signing your life away, so my aim is to make them feel more comfortable around the disclosures."